Everyday Graces Homeschool Community
Everyday Graces Homeschool Community
Lara Molettiere

Welcome to Everyday Graces Homeschool Community

Join us in our homeschool support community!

About Us

If you’ve ever thought the following –

  • How do all these other moms have it together when I just can’t?
  • Why is this so difficult and overwhelming?
  • When is the family bonding and delightful learning supposed to set it?
  • Am I going to ruin my poor kids for life because I can’t cover Latin and keep the house clean?

Stop, mama. Take a breath. Step off the hamster wheel and let’s chat.

I was right there with you, frazzled and frustrated and ready to give up. But there’s a life-giving truth you need to know right now-

You are the gate-keeper, grace-giver, and cultivator of your home – a sacred space – and when you step into your God-given capacity you are capable of providing a delightful and life-giving education to your children. 

I believe every homeschool mama can thrive with mentorship, support, and grace filled community. We are meant to travel this road together, and I’m so very glad you’re here!

Why You Should Join Us

When you join the Everyday Graces Homeschool community, you’ll learn how to effectively create the margin you need to cultivate a life giving home and delightful homeschool that works for your unique family – and we’re all cheering you on each step of the way!

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